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Info — What is The Digital BRIDGE?

The Digital BRIDGE is a Nordic competence center specialised in professional image editing and business modelling in the field of visual communication. The Digital BRIDGE is aimed at professional photographers and image editors, as well as students. The material mainly consists of educational videos and related supplementary materials, but there are also articles, virtual lectures, interactive process tools, podcasts and other media.

Image editing

As professional image producers we have to provide pictures that are not only good, they have to have a quality that makes them stand out in the flow of images that we live in today. There’s no camera, no matter how intelligent its software, that knows how to interpret the photographer’s intentions rather than delivering a standardised, normalised image.

In this course, we will work our way through the process that takes us from the photo shoot all the way to the published image, whether the final destination is print or web. The focus of the course, all the way through the process, is how to take control over the image, and how to create the image that best expresses the photographer’s intentions.

Image editing experts
Stefan Ohlsson was and Eva-Teréz Gölin are two of the Nordic countries’ pre-eminent experts on digital image editing. They have extensive experience in professional image editing, as well as in teaching both photography and visual communication.


In a constantly changing professional landscape, flexible knowledge is important. This course block on business modelling and entrepreneurship within the visual field contains tools and lectures that will develop self management, idea generation, communication, entrepreneurship and copyright law. In addition to this, there is a module that presents the professional photography scenes in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Linda Kass is a project professional with long experience in culture and entrepreneurship. Emma Westerlund is head of the culture unit at Novia University of Applied Sciences and associate professor of photography at the same university.

In this course block on entrepreneurship, Kass and Westerlund have put together a number of tools and information on business modelling and project management in the field of visual communication, and have gathered a number of articles, podcasts and video lectures by experts in the field.

Courses – How to get access to the courses?

Contact us if you want to get access to The Digital Bridge. By contacting us, you will receive login details and instructions. The material is available on Moodle and it is open so that all interested have free access to it. However, in order to update course blocks in the future, we recommend a voluntary symbolic fee / user (see list below).

If you have questions regarding the content and the layout, please feel free to contact us.

See the list of course contents under the course and contact list!

Recommended tariff for update work


Recommended for vocational schools and gymnasiums
  Level 1: 10€ + vat / user / year  
• Digital image editing / BASICS


Recommended for higher vocational educations and universities
  Level 1 and level 2: 20 € + vat / user / year  
• Digital image editing / BASICS
• Digital image editing / ADVANCED
• Entrepreneurship


For professional photographers / Image editors and businesses
  Level 1 and level 2: 60 € + vat / year  
• Digital image editing / BASICS
• Digital image editing / ADVANCED
• Entrepreneurship


Access to the courses

Please contact:

Mikael Cronwall

Emma Westerlund

Gunner Byskov

Digital image editing

Course: BASICS

  • Basic colour management
  • Tools and settings
  • Terms and functions
  • Image editing
  • Camera Raw
  • Printing
  • Delivering images for print

Digital image editing


  • Colour management
  • Photography
  • Raw converters
  • Basic editing in Photoshop
  • Marking
  • Sharpening
  • Preparing for print
  • Preparing for web
  • Printing



  • Self management and goal setting


  • Effectivise and structure your work
  • Communication
    — Writing a project proposal
    — Writing applications
    — Artist statement
  • Podcast on pricing
  • Copyright and other relevant laws, virtual lecture

Contact — the schools behind the project

Fotoskolan STHLM in Stockholm, Sweden
Fotoskolan STHLM offers two different higher vocational educations. The vocational education course Image Editor teaches post production. The vocational education Course Visual Communicator Photographer teaches the production of visual communication.

Media College Denmark in Viborg, Denmark

Media College Denmark teaches commercial photographers, image editors, professionals in film and TV production, and web masters. With 300 students, this is the biggest school of its kind in the Nordic countries.

Novia University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad, Finland
The photography course at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland is a four-year Bachelor’s degree in photography in Swedish. The course consists of art, photo journalism, studio photography, fashion photography, film, image editing and other visual communication subjects.

All three schools accept students from all of the Nordic countries, and share a common focus on work practice and close cooperation with the professional visual field.

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